Frequently Asked Questions

How does Your Kratom tree phenotypes compare to the different strains on the Kratom powder market?

At Texas Coast Botanicals we label our Kratom “strains” based on the region that they were procured from and refer to them as phenotypes. A Kratom tree phenotype is the set of observable characteristics of an individual Kratom tree resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. This means there is variation between Kratom trees that are grown in different regions across Southeast Asia. The different “strains” on the Kratom powder market are confusing and inconsistent and based mostly on the drying/curing methods used by the farmer and not a specific Kratom tree strain. Nothing in nature is identical. Every Kratom tree is like a snowflake, slightly different than the others and offers it’s own unique set of characteristics.

Which Kratom trees on your website have red, green or white veins?

Every Kratom tree produces red, green and white veins. There is actually no such thing as a vein-specific Kratom tree. When the trees are young in age, they will have blood red veins. As the trees mature over time, green and white veins will begin to appear on the tree.

Do you have a Maeng Da Kratom Tree?

There is actually no such thing as a Maeng Da Kratom tree, it is just a slang term used to describe a specific profile due to the leaf drying/curing process.

How long can Kratom seeds last before going bad?

There is a lot of misinformation on the web about Kratom seeds, in particular their low viability and short shelf life. First things first you need to make sure you are getting seeds that were properly pollinated and sent within 1-2 weeks of harvesting from the trees. Once you procure your seeds, storing them in an air-tight jar/container with desiccant packs (moisture absorbing packs) in a dark environment like a cabinet will guarantee your seeds remain viable over 10+ months. In addition, with good quality seeds, it is very easy to germinate them once you have the correct process down and very common to have 70%+ germination success rate. Follow our procedure to germinate your Kratom seeds to assure you have success!

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