Horned Borneo

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This rare phenotype from the Island of Borneo is named after the “horns” that are produced along the tip of the leaves. This is the only Kratom phenotype we have that produces horned leaves. Depending on the time of year and environmental conditions, this horned phenotype can have anywhere from 5-90% of its leaves with horns.

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All of our Kratom clones are fully rooted and range from 6-12 inches in height.

1 review for Horned Borneo

  1. Jessica S.

    I’ve never come across any other USA based vendor with true horned genetics. First tree arrived in a crushed box due to mishandling during shipment, however, Clark sent an additional replacement horned tree plus a bonus Sumatra seedling which arrived 4 days after receiving my original tree! Customer service is unparalleled, you will NOT find a nursery that cares so much about their customers success.

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