How to Germinate Kratom Seeds

Kratom seedlings

Required Supplies:

  • Kratom Seeds
  • Small clear plastic tub with clear lid (Recommended size: 6-16qt box)
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Bag of Peat Moss
  • Seedling heat mat (Not necessary but required in colder regions)

Step 1

If your Kratom seeds are still in the pod, break off a segment of the seed pod and remove the desired amount of seeds from the broken segment that you want to germinate as seen in the images below.

Kratom seeds

Step 2

Pour a layer of Peat Moss inside of the clear tub about 1”-2” deep as seen in the photo below

Kratom seeds

Step 3

Use the spray bottle of water and spray down the entire surface of Peat Moss and assure a damp surface but not fully saturated.

Step 4

Next, sprinkle the Kratom seeds across the surface of the Peat Moss.

Step 5

Once seeds are sprinkled on the surface of Peat Moss, spray down the entire surface again to get the seeds and soil surface nice and damp but not fully saturated to bottom of the peat moss.

Step 6

Finally, place the lid back on the tub and leave alone for 7-15 days. Open the lid and mist the surface down every 1-3 days (or as needed) to assure the peat moss remains nice and moist during the germination process.

Note (If using a heat pad): Heat pad can evaporate water and dry out areas of the peat moss quickly so it’s important to check soil more frequently to assure it stays damp.


​Seeds typically germinate between 8-15 days, but can definitely take longer. Make sure to keep the seeds in a dark or heavy shaded location while germinating.

Kratom germination process

Step 7

Once the Kratom seeds have sprouted, place the tub in the shade so the Kratom Seedlings can receive filtered light either outside or under a grow light and use the spray bottle to mist and water them as needed every 1-3 days

Step 8

Once the seedlings have grown 1-2″ in height, carefully transplant them into individual containers and keep them in a humid environment until you are able to properly acclimate them into the environment you plan to grow them in (Reference “How to Grow Kratom Tab” on how to acclimate your Kratom Seedlings). In addition, use Alaskan Liquid Fish Fertilizer with (5-1-1) N-P-K ratio to give the seedlings a nice boost of nutrients and to speed up growth and size!

Note: Texas Coast Botanicals can not guarantee any germination if this procedure is not followed EXACTLY as written.

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