Borneo Kratom Seeds

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50 individual Kratom seeds from Lake Sentarum in West Kalimantan on the Island of Borneo

Germinate your very own Kratom trees! Our Borneo seeds have a 80-90% germination success rate. When stored correctly, Kratom seeds can last up to a year or longer before going bad. There are misconceptions online about the viability and longevity of Kratom seeds that are simply not true. Kratom seeds can last a few years in storage before going bad. Be sure to store your seeds in a dry, dark place and kept in an air-tight container. It’s also recommended to purchase desiccant packs to assure maximum shelf life of the seeds.

We confirm every batch of seeds are viable before they are placed on the menu so there are no refunds for seeds after they have been delivered. Make sure to follow our Kratom Seed Germination Procedure EXACTLY as written for best results.


6 reviews for Borneo Kratom Seeds

  1. Wes W.

    First off, Seeds came within 3 days of placing my order. Second, very high quality Kratom seeds. I germinated 3 separate batch’s and had over 75% germination success rate for each batch!

  2. Hunter

    Got these as a freebie in my order. Followed the directions on the website and I am surprised how many seedlings popped up. High quality and high germination rate Seeds!

  3. G

    After trying seeds from multiple vendors, and going off there instructions, I had zero luck. Then I tried these, along with the instructions given, and I have already had most sprout on day 3. Very impressed, they seem to be strong and happy.

  4. Jonas L

    I would recommend this seller to anybody located in North America who is looking for easy access to quality M. speciosa seeds. Clark was friendly and helpful from the beginning and offered his time up to provide some good advice over the phone. It took a bit of experimenting to get succesful germination rates but I’m now happilly growing around 20 tiny healthy seedlings (with plently of seeds left over for future batches).

  5. Brian Mintz

    My order was sent quickly and well packaged. Clark does an incredible job with customer service and is clearly dedicated to this business.

  6. Joe Bryan Fulgham

    With Clark’s help I had 80% or better germination rates. He helped me easily get them up to a foot tall quite quickly. All of the plants I’ve ever grown personally have full alkaloid profiles and are exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks a million for Clark’s advice and seeds.

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